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Brian Thorne

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CSIRO's Data61

First as a Senior Software Engineer and then as the Confidential Computing Team Leader I've spent years at Data61 helping research have a greater impact in the real world. Specifically focused on the development of new privacy preserving technology. As is often the case in small teams I had to take on a number of roles from software developer, devops, tech lead, and including elements of project and product management.

I've been with the N1 Analytics project from the start. I've authored and contributed to several open source projects on including implementations of the Paillier partially homomorphic cryptosystem. I set up, maintain and run the projects Kubernetes cluster. I've deployed our software on-site with customers around the world.


Exciting work on cutting edge technology as a Research Engineer at National ICT Australia.

  • Finding new applications at the intersection of Cryptography and Machine Learning.
  • Applied machine learning and optimization to port and container logistics.

Dynamic Controls

At Dynamic Controls my role was a Systems Engineer in the Architecture team. Primarily I acted as liaison between Product Management and the Software & Hardware Engineering teams.

I spent time working closely with the Software Engineering team, including writing embedded C code for the medical devices. A core component of my work was interacting with the marketing department and turning their ideas into prototypes and firm engineering specifications.

During my three years at Dynamic controls I ran four courses over ten weeks each, teaching Python to other engineers and colleagues. I also petitioned the senior executive to allow the running of an "Innovation Day", where all engineers could work on novel projects for an entire day. This day was very successful and was run numerous times before I left. These two projects led to an internal award for "Innovation and Excellence".

Before taking a full time position at Dynamic I worked as a summer intern. I led the development of a modeling and simulation framework to allow the Systems & Software engineering teams to model, simulate and monitor complex interactions between components on a controller area network (CAN) running a proprietary electric vehicle protocol. This work led to a "Graduate of the Year" award. Two public highlights were minor contributions to the Linux Kernel, and open sourcing my work in wrapping CAN hardware for Python in python-can.

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I am really into the outdoors; I whitewater kayak, tramp, rock climb, and mountain run.

Take a look at my tech blog where I have written up some of my projects, and my personal travel blog.

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Papers and Talks

  • Secure Evaluation Protocol for Personalized Medicine (Workshop on Genome Privacy, Amsterdam, Netherlands) Publication URL
  • "Stuff you never knew you could do with a socket" talk at Kiwi Pycon 2012 (video, code/examples, blog post )
  • ScipySim: Towards Distributed Heterogeneous System Simulation for the SciPy Platform (paper at TMS/DEVS 2011) pdf
  • Comparing the performance of C and Python for Computer Vision (paper at NZCSRSC 2010)
  • Introduction to Computer Vision in Python (talk at Kiwi Pycon 2009) (presentation, published paper)
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See my various public projects on bitbucket, and github.

I've contributed to the core Python code base in C and in Python. I've also contributed documentation to the linux kernel for Controller Area Network support.

Professional Projects

Personal Projects

Points of interest

One of my other hobbies is photography, if interested you can find some of my photos on flickr or on google+.

I also occasionally review books on Goodreads.